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From our Principal

Welcome to Bethel Christian School! As a school community, we view ourselves as a lighthouse in this

area of Mount Druitt. It is my privilege to not only welcome you but tell you about who we are. I have

been with the school since 2007, in the role as Deputy Principal and commenced as Principal in 2018.

Bethel Christian School has as its primary goal to build a community of teaching and learning, that not

only promotes excellence but focuses on honouring Christ. It is our desire to see all members of our

community come into the saving knowledge of Jesus personally.

Selecting a school for your child is such an important decision, which has a lasting impact. Bethel

Christian School is a very special place to learn and grow. It was started in 1986 and continues to be a

strong caring Christian community, supporting families and providing quality Christ-centred learning.

We recognise that the partnership between home and school is strongly associated with success in

upholding Christian values, as well as the development of individualised skills and talents in a range of areas,

including academics, creative arts and the sporting arena.

As a registered and accredited K-12 school, we teach key learning areas and courses, which would be

offered in other schools, however, we are mindful to teach from the perspective that honours God.

We recognise the significance of the Bible and see Jesus Christ as central to God’s redemptive plan for

salvation. At Bethel Christian School, we have a care network, which occurs within our Primary through

the classroom teacher and within our High School with specific Pastoral Care Group teachers for each

grade. The network enables students to feel seen and known, so that we can foster opportunities for

them to learn and grow.

The unparalleled changes in our society and community today, are impacting the nature and outworking

of what education and learning look like. We are endeavouring to provide our students with access to

quality learning, at the same time preparing them for the future. Although we look to the

future, we also embrace the need to remain true to our core values within a Christian bible-

based worldview. We believe that this enduring standard assists in providing a safe environment, with

the value being placed on each individual, demonstrated with respect, awareness and accountability.

We look to prepare each student to discover and work towards their potential in a manner which brings

honour to God. I invite you to browse the website further or to make contact with our school office if

you feel that you would like to consider joining our community.


Mrs Alese Plichta



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